Membership in ICSD provides many benefits to both individual and institutional members.  These include:

  • Conferences:  Conferences are held each year in order to enable members to learn more about social development by hearing from experts in the field, attending presentations of papers by other colleagues, visiting with agencies engaged in social development activities, and meeting other individuals who are concerned with promoting social development and sharing their experiences. In odd-numbered years, ICSD sponsors international symposia for all its members. These meetings are held in different parts of the world. In even-numbered years, ICSD’s regional branches sponsor symposia with persons in their respective areas of the world. These conferences are open to all members of the organization. ICSD symposia normally include pre- or post-conference study tours in the host country and appeal to practitioners, academics, and evaluators from a wide range of disciplines, including social work, economics, political science, philosophy, education, and sociology.
  • Discounts for Symposium Registration:  The ICSD symposia are available to all persons interested in social development.  However, members of ICSD are able to register for these symposia at a considerable discount. Student members and members from economically-developing countries are provided even greater registration discounts.
  • Social Development Issues Journal:  Members of ICSD receive the organization’s journal, Social Development Issues. This journal, which is published three times each year by The Follmer Group, Inc., is a refereed publication focused on various aspects of social development and includes articles by authors from around the world. It is the leading international journal in this area of inquiry.
  • ICSD Newsletter:  In addition to receiving Social Development Issues, members receive an ICSD newsletter twice each year. These newsletters keep members informed about the organization’s activities as well as other events related to social development, such as conferences by other organizations.
  • International Networking Options:  Members of ICSD comprise an international listserv of individuals and organizations who are concerned with promoting social development. The listserv provides a forum for sharing ideas and experiences and developing partnerships and exchanges with like-minded people throughout the world. Members who wish can also be connected to a larger network of social work educators who want to engage in discussions about international social work education in general, through CSWE’s Global Social Work Education Forum.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs): ICSD offers its members the opportunity to earn CEUs at biennial conferences.  These learning experiences enable members to stay current in their knowledge and to fulfill their respective CEU requirements. In the near future, ICSD plans to provide its members the opportunity to engage in online learning opportunities at minimal cost.
  • Board Membership:  In addition to the above benefits, each institutional member is granted a seat on the ICSD Board of Directors.
  • Membership Rates:

Individuals: 1-year membership in ICSD unless otherwise stated
Members from High Income Countries (Online only access): $60
Members from High Income Countries  (Print & online ): $90.00
Members from all other Countries (Online only access): $30
Members from all other Countries (Print & online): $60 

Students Membership: (Online access only): $20

Institutions: 1-year membership in ICSD unless otherwise stated
Institutions from High Income Countries (Online access only): $400
Institutions from all other countries (Online access only): $100

Amounts shown are in U.S. dollars
Contact Membership Chairman: Sharvari Karandikar karandikar.7@osu.edu for more information.

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