1. There is an EU-sponsored project on promoting social inclusion in densely populated Roma areas of Turkey. The contact person is Ninoslav Vrcelj who works for the consulting firm Human Dynamics based in Vienna, Austria. He may be contacted via LinkedIn.com http://www.humandynamics.org/.

2. Join us in congratulating Prof Jim Midgley (one of the ICSD’s Founders) with being greatly honoured by the award of an Honorary Doctorate by the University Politechnica de Madrid in Spain. He has been working with some colleagues there (in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering) for some time on social development projects that they operate in Latin American countries. The University Council has approved the award which he received on the 28th January which is Thomas Aquinas day when they confer all their Ph.D. degrees.

Prof Midgley’s award is not only an achievement for social work, but also an appreciation of social work academics’ scholarly work. Prof Midgley has been an inspiration to many colleagues and students over the world. He will soon be retiring from his teaching responsibilities from the University of California, Berkeley, but the good news is that he is continuing his research and writing. Look out for his new book Social Welfare for a Global Era which will be published by Sage next month.



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