Social Development Issues (SDI) is an international refereed journal that serves as a forum for achieving linkages between multiple disciplines, nations and cultures. Our purpose is to promote the consideration of issues that impact upon social justices as well as the development and well-being of individuals and their communities. SDI is committed to the advancement of social, cultural, political and economic theory, policy and practice (and their interrelationship) within a global context. Social Development Issues was first published in 1977 and has been in publication continuously ever since.

Manuscripts addressing alternative approaches to counteracting obstacles to development are welcome. All methodologies appropriate for the study design are equally considered and valued. Developmental perspectives and research on international social justice might include—but are not limited to—lifespan, gender, and racial issues, the impact of policies, practices and service delivery systems on urban and rural communities, comparative health/mental health, poverty, income maintenance and movements such as global feminism, human rights and peace.






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